Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I'm at work and trying desperately to stay "on track". Someone's car alarm in the parking lot has been going off and on all day. I would like to go out and shoot the car. There should be an open season on car alarms. If the car alarm continues to sound after 10 minutes, anyone can shoot it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How I Chose My Name

So, Shrinking Violet is the name I chose for my blog. Why, you ask? Well, there is a long story and a short story.

Short Story: My employer sent me to a training class called "Emotional Self Control". My friends at work laughed so hard they spit coffee through their collective noses. They called it my "Shrinking Violet" Class.

Long Story: I grew up in a household where brutal truth (both dishing it out and taking it) was like currency. Form ALWAYS followed function. (Now, my siblings may have a different perspective. As these things go, I have found that each child appears to be raised by slightly different parents. And for all the Strunk & White folks out there, I'm using the term "raised" because "reared" sounds pretentious." Teachers referring to me as "acid mouth" or "razor tongue" were not uncommon. My friends always laughed at the rants I would go on about various people or topics. Upon hearing of my latest tirade, my father would always ask "is it true?" Thus my behavior was reinforced.

Fast forward through the years to my professional life. I've sent emails that have shot round the world and ended up being read aloud on the corporate jet. But, every time, although highly insubordinate and inappropriate, I'm never fired. Instead, I'm sent to a class on self control.

Later I was put on Prozac which decreased the anger management issues by about 50%. Later still I found myself married to a bipolar/alcoholic. Joining Al-Anon as a support group reduced my anger and desire to verbally eviscerate people. But every now and then, everyone needs a good rant. So here I am, Internet, medicated, filtered, but not completely lobotomized. I'm ready to blog.

Hello Internet


I've just started this blog. I'm on a learning curve so be patient. Will write more later.

Shrinking Violet
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